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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a laying-on of hands healing technique thousands of years old.  It is thought to originate as a Japanese, Buddhist practice and was rediscovered for the modern world in the 1800's by Dr. Usui.  It is a very simple yet powerful technique that is a complement to any and all other medical treatments. 


Rei   defined as  Universal Wisdom 

Ki     defined as  Life Force Energy

Reiki moves energy and is a way to let go of the unwanted stresses, old baggage and dis-eases.   Reiki energizes the entire being—mind, body and spirit. This deep relaxation and healing brings homeostasis in one's life—a perfect balance custom made just for you.  In today’s whirlwind of stress, time constraints and personal pressures,

 you will find inner peace. 


Reiki is complementary to all medical treatments and natural therapies. This hands-on system of natural healing is performed by following a unique series of carefully orchestrated touch patterns while simultaneously creating gentle & subtle energy transference for the benefit of any recipient.  Reiki is excellent for pain & stress reduction.  Bring the body to balance; it can heal on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. One may feel a tingling or heat from the hands of the Reiki practitioner or just feel relaxation.  The treatment will help you de-stress and come to a place of love and peace. 


Reiki does not require you to change your beliefs or your lifestyle.  It is a time to be open to the energy that flows through all of life; connect and be in touch with your spirit.  

Take a moment, breathe, invite the healing energy of Reiki, you’ll never look back.

Reiki I & II

2 Day Workshop:  16 hour CEU’s

In today’s whirlwind of stress, time constraints and personal pressures, allow yourself to will find inner peace and healing. 


  • Learn the gentle hands-on technique of Reiki healing energy, a thorough scientific approach to accessing and moving  energy 

  • Learn the ABC’s of energy work 

  • Scan the body’s etheric energy levels

  • Learn the Reiki hand positions 

  • Study techniques for balancing; healing bad habits

  • Cleanse and assess the Chakras  

  • Study Chakra Reiki treatment, and Simple Reiki treatment

  • Gain knowledge in sending Reiki

3 attunements/symbols in this workshop:  Empowerment; Mental and Emotional Balancing; and Beyond Time and Space.


There are no prerequisites needed…  just a warm heart.  

Manual included.  Certificate issued.

Reiki III & IV

2 Day Workshop:  16 hour CEU’s

This advanced Reiki training enhances the skills learned in Reiki I/II. Students will increase their ability to facilitate the flow of healing energy and will be taught  issue releases, full Reiki treatments on clients.

  • How to treat others helping them release anger, worry, fear and pain 

  • Learn relaxation techniques to bring homeostasis, facilitating deep internal healing

  • Aura clearing;  Acknowledging issues and the attached emotions

  • Letting go of your past trauma and family trauma  

  • Bonus symbol - Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura. It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects you with source.

  • Human brain waves 

  • Learn ancient shapes & symbols; Antehkarana, the powerful medicine wheel,  Merkaba.


3 attunements/symbols in this workshop:  Master symbol, Rei Ki, OM. Reiki I/II is a prerequisite.  Manual included.  Certificate issued.  A detailed class manual is included with all information and techniques. Check with your organization to insure these credits are accepted.

Reiki Tibetan

1 Day Workshop:  8 hour CEU’s


Once you have completed the Usui Reiki levels, you are ready to expand your energy training. Give and receive healings.


Tap into the ancient Tibetan wisdom.  


Compare the different aspects of the symbols from another culture. Purify and harmonize the chakras, and activate your energy at a cellular level.  Feel the energy in your pituitary and pineal gland.  Find your true spirituality as you open and connect your crown to your higher self with the violet breath.  Understand the duality of the universe and the infinity symbol.  Energize.


The infinity symbol is a universal energy, ancient in its design and teachings. By connecting permanent- ly with this ancient energy, many have experienced a oneness with universal knowing, expanding their spiritual awareness and sensitivity to a level most souls dream of achieving over the course of many life times.


Reiki III/Art is a prerequisite.  Manual included.  Certificate issued.


  • Learn how to hold in your energy

  • Further your crystal grid experience

  • Yin Yang  balance of these two primordial forces with breathing exercise to

  • Energize your multi-cosmic circuit

  • Acupressure points along the spine are studied

  • Clear your mind with the violet breath and peaceful meditations

  • Brain gym; Dolphin technique; understanding CranioSacral movement


3 attunements/symbols in this workshop: 2 Tibetan Master & Infinity Symbols

Reiki Karuna

2 Day Workshop:  16 hour CEU’s

Karuna, meaning "compassionate action", is an advanced, holistic energy level targeting areas of past trauma, deep cellular tissue and the shadow self.  The emphasis is on connecting the chakras, goal setting, claiming your inner power and creating peace.   Connect your God consciousness to your physical body.  


  • Heal past trauma on a deep cellular level

  • Heal lower chakras and become grounded in the present

  • Further develop a life of compassion and heal your heart

  • Protect against psychic attacks

  • Manifest goals

  • Claim your divine power

  • Awaken inner peace and increase clairvoyance


9 Karuna Symbols and attunements make up this workshop.

Tibetan Reiki is a prerequisite. Manual included.  Certificate course.

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