Energy of Birthing Book and Meditation

Why the Energy of Birthing?


The Energy of Birthing Book and Meditations prepare mom and dad for the miracle of their baby’s birth. It is tailor-made for moms who choose a pain-free, natural birth at home, birth center or hospital. The Energy you bring to your birth is important. It’s the oomph, power, get up & go and vitality that makes you who you are as you bring a new energy and soul into this world. Energy medicine is one of five domains of CAM, “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” and is a beautiful partner to western medicine.


They are a quick and effective guide for pregnancy, labor and delivery, post partum using a combination of complementary techniques including breathing, relaxation, sacred alignment, meditation, reiki, acupressure, reflexology and hypnosis, that REALLY work.


These techniques help moms to “Let go of the fear”. This is huge, as many problems arise from fear and can actually stop normal labor. Moms will learn to empower their minds and trust their bodies. This can mean the difference between a natural birth or a C section.


  • Tried and tested by midwives, doulas,  hypnotherapist / family doctors who offer it to their maternity patients.

  • The meditations will empower your mind, body and soul ...  to prepare you for a comfortable birth.

  • They are written with only positive words so moms can play it over and over anchoring these affirmations.



“Create a program that feels right for you and your new family to be. When your heart and mind are in a balanced state, beautiful things happen and your physical birth will be easier and more JOY FULL. You will create the Energy of Birthing that’s perfect for you.” As I quoted in the book.

“This is the first life experience your baby will have.”

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