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Ava Curtola

Discover how to activate your Emotional Bliss

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Let's Meet

I am here to guide you, to help you nurture yourself.
I promise you Emotional Bliss, inner peace and genuine self love. 
Feel balanced, empowered and motivated to create your future. 

I will share with you the value of mindfulness and introduce you to a deep relaxing state of mind. A place where you can achieve new higher vibrations and be your authentic self.


As a retired RN I hold a unique position to merge modern energy concepts with my own intuition as well as traditional medicine. The concept of Medical meets Metaphysical achieves integrative health, bridging the best of both worlds. 


Offerings, Workshops & Private Sessions

Sacred Alignment Sessions

This is my life’s passion. I promise you a positive healing transformation.

During these sessions, I connect with you energetically. Something special happens where we both tune into energy and the words that will make a different in your subconscious and in that moment we are guided to create solutions/ the answers to those questions that have been gnawing at you. And receive the guidance to move forward, let go of the past, look forward to the future. 

PERSONALIZED MEDITATION: Towards the end of our virtual session, we will enter into a deep state of relaxation. I will guide you into a meditation that is specific to you and will record it so that you can have to reinforce the work that we did together.



Meditation by the Sea

Relax and Rejuvenate. Allow your conscious mind to take a mini break from critical day to day, moment to moment thoughts and decisions. 


When you meditate or daydream the subconscious is able to quiet the confusion, so balance is once again restored in your MIND.  While in this peaceful theta state you can balance your energies and receive profound results - actually motivate and reprogram thoughts with positive intentions and life enhancing affirmations.

These original meditations combine the right vibrational sound, visualization, hypnotherapy techniques to make positive changes in your life.

Access over 25 meditations that allow you to distract and clear your mind from the influence of daily chaos into peace and Emotional Bliss.


"My session with Ava was incredible.  I was very relaxed for many days after! I still feel great!! Honestly, I felt like you awakened me; you are very intuitive and many of the things you said spoke straight to me.  Thank you so very much 💗 I have spoken highly of you to many people!"

I think Ava Curtola changed my life the other day. Thank you, Ava. 
For the ultimate in clearing, cleansing, recentering, grounding, refreshing, renewing, awakening and simply shaking up your soul, I highly recommend a sacred alignment session with her.

 Ava is absolutely amazing in this. You can tell it is her passion through the grace she carries it and you can see it in the smile on her face while she's working/teaching/guiding. Her energy is beautiful. You feel safe, heard and LOVED. She has enhanced my life so much. I felt emotionally together again.

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