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Energy Healing Treatments

Using many alternative healing modalities, Ava will energetically clear and empower your chakra system. In your Energy Healing session, she will return your being to its optimum health by synchronizing your inherent


Awaken Your Soul

Profound meditations that will nurture, heal, and empower your divine being. by Ava Curtola RN

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healing vibration. This allows the body to heal itself. Choose crystals, gemstones and Energy eSCENTial oils for your treatment.

This is a head to toe healing that will release your headache and neck tension with Acupressure and subtle CranioSacral Therapy. With Reflexology, she will activate your foot reflexes and improve your body’s circulation. Ava’s incredible Reiki treatments will heal your mind, body and soul. Make the connection.

By appointment only.