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Consultations with The Oracle

David (The Oracle) Pilz is a born psychic, an author, Usui and Karuna Master Instructor, Paranormal Investigator, instructor, He was named “The Oracle” at a young age because of his innate ability to perceive auras, spirits and the inner essence of people.

Due to his uncanny accuracy, he is the western Canadian psychic that other psychics, healers, and many famous personalities go to for training, healing and consultations. David’s life of experience and research with metaphysics can shed light on your journey.

“The Oracle” is available for private Metaphysical Life Consultations, group sessions, corporate meetings is open to your needs. His new book, METAPHYSICAL MANUAL II, is now available at EnergyThings.

Don't miss out on your full potential!

Visit me at oraclevision.ca