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Energy eSCENTial Oils

Our own healing tools and meditation techniques have been put together for you to use in your world. These oils are blended by our trained essential oil specialist. These oils are used by both Ava and David in their healing treatments. Whether during Reiki sessions or Reflexology, the use of oils enhance any healing modality.

Each blend contains 5 times the resin as the industry standard...can be used in as many ways as your imagination allows. (For external use only)

THE ORACLE - Enhances and nurtures your metaphysical connection to self, Lemurian ancient wisdoms, intuition, angels, guides and natural ESP ability.

PEACEFUL MIND - Enhances mental clarity, creative thinking, positive mental health; relieves headaches & tension, most sleep apnea and insomnia.

SACRED HEART - Master healer; attracts love; purifies; protects ad empowers the balance of the emotional and mental body, enabling self healing.

OM - Awaken your inner space by connecting with unconditional love.

TRANQUILITY - Improves digestion and balances eating disorders. Helps to sooth PMS.

PERFECT BALANCE - Perfect Yin Yang blend. Activate your primordial forces, maximize the balance between your inner and outer senses, repairs cellular aging and helps reduce wrinkles.

THE GODDESS - Honor the Goddess within by strengthening your connection to Mother Earth, unconditional love and sacred protection. Enhance your environmental connection to earth as well as enhancing your physical well being.

Custom essential oil blends inspired by ancient wisdom!